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How mucking around with pottery can help your mental health (yes really)

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Let’s face it – nearly all of us are struggling at the moment with the current situation.

The weather is rubbish, you may have the added pressure of having to ‘teach’ your children at home (and keep their morale and motivation up as well as your own), you may be worried about elderly relatives and you may be struggling to cope with your workload if you are working virtually and have the added pressure of a noisy, chaotic home (we certainly are experiencing all of these things!)

Here at Creative Happenings – we are not mental health experts by any stretch of the imagination but we are lucky enough to be working closely with Jade Ross - a Creative Arts Mental Health Therapist who is advising us on the structure and content of our workshops and is also available to help clients to design workshops (or a series of workshops) to help with specific challenges such as a pandemic well-being strategy, a new team working together for the first time, conflict within teams, fast organisational growth or stunted creativity within teams which is leading to issues with problem solving etc.

At first glance, making a Japanese Kokedama or mucking around with pottery might appear to have little to do with helping to reduce stress, improving mental health or wellbeing but Jade says that: “Through the medium of the arts, people can reflect on challenges in different ways and access new coping mechanisms.”

The Crafts Council also endorse creativity and creative activities as being beneficial for improving individual and group wellbeing and the NHS have published 5 Steps To Mental Well-Being which includes connecting with others and learning new skills. These are key values within our sessions, with some of our workshops intertwining all five of the steps within their design.

Jade also says that “Being proactive and engaging with the reality of stress in the workplace before it affects your company is the best way to safeguard against reduced productivity, lowered creativity, depleted resilience and increased sick leave - be preventative as opposed to reactive. We are living in a stressful era, possibly the most stressful period humans have experienced recently and we need employers who are committed to leading the way with innovative, creative staff support.”

Creative Happenings wants to help to promote and embed good mental health practices within your organisation and consulting with Jade enables us to ensure that we can develop wellbeing packages for you that can offer fun, accessible insights into mental healthiness, alongside practical tools to support your staff in maintaining their wellbeing.

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