Frequently asked questions

I'm not sure my friends or work colleagues have any artistic ability - will they still be able to do these workshops?

Of course they will.  Our workshops are designed for all levels and groups will only be limited by their imaginations.  One of our main objectives is to help people discover artistic and creative abilities they didn't even know they had!

What should groups wear when they do a workshop?

All our activities are designed to be simple and not too messy but we advise covering work surfaces with newspaper and wearing clothes that groups don't mind getting a little dirty just in case!

Why are some of your activities more expensive than similar activities I have seen elsewhere?  

It is true that there are other providers out there who are offering creative workshops but the difference is that we only work with talented, cutting edge, creative professionals who are experts at what they do - but this can come at a price!  We also have to purchase and send out materials to individual homes (for our online workshops) but we try and do this in the most cost effective way we can.

What if the artist we book gets ill or can't make our workshop?

We very much hope that won't happen but in the event that it does, we can either cancel the event, re-arrange it for another date or see if one of our other artists can take the workshop.  

I want to book one of your workshops - how should I pay?

Please contact us on email ( or call on 07957 471235 to discuss your requirements and then once we have settled on a date for your workshop - we will send our terms and conditions and ask for a deposit.  The remainder of the workshop fee will be invoiced after the workshop has taken place.

Do you have a sustainability policy?

All of our artists have sustainability at the heart of of their activities.  Where we can, we use biodegradable packaging and materials that have been sustainably sourced.  With some of our online workshops however, we might have to use plastic when sending out 'wet' materials such as clay, plants and soil but we limit this where we can and will ask workshop participants to re-use and re-cycle all of the materials as appropriate.