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We organise fun and engaging
creative workshops

Looking for new ideas for team bonding, social get togethers with friends or just help with entertaining teenagers? 

We can help!


We know that trying new things slightly outside of people's comfort zones can encourage them to come together in new ways.


This is why we have carefully curated a range of creative workshops (that are kind to the environment) and selected experienced, inspirational artists who will help friends and teams to connect and have fun.

Throw a pot, make a hanging kokedama or cook up a storm

Make a hanging kokedama (otherwise known as a Japanese moss ball) - the ultimate small space garden.

Led by our fun and lively award winning eco interior designer who might also engage in a bit of group 'plant shaming!'

Groups will prepare a delicious Jamaican feast (and maybe some rum punch too) with our fun loving chef.

This is a chance to learn how to cook Caribbean style and pick up some top tips from Chris 'The Spice Guy'.

Using air dry clay, groups will create and decorate two simple products with some hilarious and amazing results.

This activity will be led by a practicing ceramicist.

The benefits of creative activity

Evidence shows that engaging in creative activities can really help to give your mental health and well-being a boost. 


Our friends at the Crafts Council support this view and also say that:

  • Craft has long been used to help with anxiety

  • It brings people together

  • There are positive links between craft and cognitive skills

Read more from the Crafts Council.

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Help your group to 'incubate' their ideas

Young business people are discussing tog

Let us help your team or friends to develop their creative skills and thinking.


The Digital Marketing Institute says that these skills don't happen by accident and certainly don't occur in a vacuum. They need to be refined and honed and practiced in five key stages.


Incubation of ideas is the all important second stage when you need to let ideas percolate in your mind.  Experts recommend that you do something else whilst you incubate i.e. walk, have a bath, day dream in fact do something completely different to your usual routine.

Find out more about the five stages of developing creative thinking in our blog.

We've been blogging......

What people are saying about us.....

Fantastic! From start to finish the Creative Happenings team were marvellous.
My two daughters took part in the clay workshop and for 1.5 hours they were engaged in something completely new.  We also spent an hour as a family over the weekend using the left over clay.

Donna, mum to Daisy and Eva

(aged 16 and 13)

We booked an online kokedama class for our company Christmas party in December 2020. It was really well managed and everyone really enjoyed the class and loved their final results! The attention to detail and logistics were great.


We will definitely be back for more fun online socials!

Sarah, Mettle Studio

Both my children thoroughly enjoyed the session and they actually worked together which was so lovely to see. It was a great way to get them away from their screens, using their hands and learning new skills. Great direction and tips.


Thoroughly recommend.

Verity, mum to Eleanor and Cameron (aged 14 and 11)

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Did you know that......

'Creative Happenings' were performances that unfolded
before audiences in a handful of New York galleries and
spaces at the start of the 1960s.


'Happenings' combined elements of dance, theatre, music,
poetry, and visual art to blur the boundaries between life and
art and forge a path for new methods of artistic practice. 

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